APEL, a cyclo olefin copolymer (COC) is available in resin form. Distinguished by a high density, bulky structure, APEL is a norbornene-type composed only of C&H which is amorphous, optically isotropic and non polar.

The material possesses has excellent electrical insulating properties and outstanding moisture resistance, good melt processability/flowability, good clarity and transparency, high glass transition temperature (Tg), exceptional moisture impermeability, impressive gas barrier qualities and excellent chemical and heat resistance.

Compared to other resins and engineering plastics, COP has a lower birefringence and the highest refractive index (1.54) among commercialized COCs and other cyclo olefin polymers, making it ideal for use in high performance film, optical lens and packaging applications such as mobile phone and digital camera, shrink film and in pharmaceutical packaging such as blister packs.

There are several grades of APEL Cyclo Olefin Copolymer available with high transparency, water vapor barrier and heat distortion resistance. Other grades are available for general purpose applications and lower Tg grades are suitable for film extrusion. Some grades are suitable for optical applications and injection molding applications. All grades exhibit good thermal, dielectric and electrical behavior, low shrinkage and low moisture absorption.

Optical grades: APL5014CL, APL5014CL(04), APL5014KL, APL5015AL, APL5016SL, APL5013VH, APL5014XH, APL5014BH and APL5014DP
Non-optical grades: APL6509T, APL6011T, APL6013T and APL6015T


APL6509T and APL6015T

  • Little effect on drugs due to low elution
  • Low moisture permeability coefficient
  • Good barrier performance