Bulk density 340 g / l

MFI 0.1 g/10min

Particle size distribution: 14.5 micron at 50%


PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) lubricant range of products are finely divided powders with different low molecular weight, particle size distribution, shapes and morphology.

PTFE lubricant powders are designed to be mixed with other solid or liquid material to achieve some of the unique properties of PTFE polymer.

PTFE polymer has a wide working temperature range, it is inert to almost all chemicals and solvents, it is hydrophobic, it is a good electrical insulator and it has excellent weathering and ageing characteristics.

PTFE lubricant powders are ideal as additives because they can influence the behavior of many hosting materials without reacting with them, but with the benefit to reduce the coefficient of friction, increase wear resistance, improve non-stick properties and enhance anti-dripping properties.

PTFE lubricant powders can be incorporated into a wide variety of hosting materials like thermoplastics / thermosettings (e.g. polyacetals, polyamides, polycarbonates, polyesters, polyimides, polysulfides, polysulfones / epoxy, phenol-formaldehyde, melamine resin ) at concentrations typically from 5-20 % b.w. and elastomers (e.g. fluoroelastomers, neoprenes, nitriles and silicones) at level of 10-25% b.w.. They can also be added in printing inks formulations (e.g. lithographic, flexographic, gravure) in reason of 1-5% b.w. for better image protection and higher productivity, in combination with polyethylene waxes to reach the required level of characteristics (5-15% b.w.) and for industrial coatings (5-15% b.w.) They are also suitable for oil and grease formulation to adjust the viscosity (up to 15% b.w.)

When PTFE lubricant powders are used alone as powder or in paste can be regarded as solid lubricants for high performance sealants and for wear surfaces in hostile environment, while added in spray formulation they act as mold release agent. Further they can be dispersed in water or in organic solvent for direct usage or as an intermediate additive for later formulation .

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