Stanyl TE351

Stanyl is a high performance polyamide that provides unmatched performance and value for demanding applications in which superior heat resistance, design stiffness, wear & friction and process flow qualities are required.

Stanyl retains its mechanical properties at high temperatures up to 220°C, this makes it ideal for extremely high-performance applications, where it outperforms PPA, PA6T, PA9T, and often PPS and LCP.

Stanyl combines high stiffness with excellent wear resistance in temperatures above 200°C (and for short term peak temperatures up to 250°C) enabling metal replacement options for a variety of applications.
Outstanding durability

Stanyl provides excellent resistance to wear and low friction. And has good abrasion resistance for moving parts.

It has outstanding flow properties and delivers commercial benefits through reduced cycle time and increased design freedom for manufacturers producing computer and phone components.

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