PC (Film / Sheet)

Film / Sheet Polycarbonate

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 Product Name    Manufacturer  Features  Applications  Enquire
Iupilon FE-2000   MGC     General Use          
Iupilon FE-2000M01   MGC     Matt (fine)          
Iupilon FE-2000M12   MGC     Matt (coarse)          
Iupilon FE-2000N-7   MGC     FR UL94 VTM-0          
Iupilon HM   MGC     Hard coated     instrument covers, filter, LCD covers, printed plates      
Iupilon MR   MGC     Hard coated, Scratch Resistance     printed plates, display covers      
Iupilon N-7S   MGC     FR V0     for FR insulation of machinery parts      
Iupilon NF-2000   MGC     General Use     automotive parts, E&E parts, signs, displays      
Lexan 8010MC   Sabic     clear, polished     multi-layer printing      
Lexan 8A13F   Sabic     Textured (both sides)     LED/LCD windows      
Lexan FR63   Sabic     FR V0 and VTM0     multi-layer printing