ABS – for medical applications

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 Product Name    Manufacturer  Features  Applications  Enquire
Cyrolite G-20   Rohm         medical      
Cyrolite G-20 HIFLO   Rohm         medical      
Cyrolite GS-90   Rohm         medical      
Cyrolite GS-97   Rohm         medical      
Cyrolite Med 2   Rohm         medical      
Lustran 348 (Guardian 348)   Ineos     General Use     Components of intravenous (IV)systems, Diagnostic test kits      
Novodur HD-M203FC   Ineos     General Use     medical devices, contact applications      
Polylac PA-703TRP   Chimei     ISO 10993, Transparent     medical      
Polylac PA-704LRP   Chimei     ISO 10993, Opaque     medical      
Polylac PA-757 AB   Chimei     Food Grade     home appliances, medical, automotive      
Polylac PA-757F   Chimei     Food and Medical Grade     home appliances, medical, automotive