Cyclo-olefin polymers (COP)

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 Product Name    Manufacturer  Features  Applications  Enquire
Zeonex 5000   Zeon     Glass Transition Temp 68 degree C     medical      
Zeonex 690R   Zeon     Glass Transition Temp. 136 degree C     medical      
Zeonor 1020R   Zeon     MI 90, High transparency, High purity, Ultra-low amount of out-gassing, Break resistance, Excellent moisture barrier, Chemical resistance, Low adsorption     silicon wafer transport and storage (FOSB/FOUP), flexible packaging for medical and pharmaceutical applications      
Zeonor 1060R   Zeon     MI 60, High transparency, High fluidity, Excellent transcription, Low auto-fluorescence     light guide plates, microfluidic      
Zeonor 1420R   Zeon     MI 20     bio-diagnostics      
Zeonor 1430R   Zeon     MI 30     bio-diagnostics