High Impact (HIPS)

High Impact PS (HIPS)

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 Product Name    Manufacturer  Features  Applications  Enquire
Polyrex PH-55Y   Chimei     Food Grade     food containers, beverage containers (Yakult bottles)      
Polyrex PH-60   Chimei     Medium Impact Strength, High Flow     electrical and electronic products (fax, scanner etc)      
Polyrex PH-88   Chimei     High Impact Str.     home appliances, stationeries, TV housings      
Polyrex PH-88 B50   Chimei     Bio Content     home appliances, medical, automotive      
Polyrex PH-888G   Chimei     High Gloss, High Impact Strength     washing machines hull, TV housings      
Polyrex PH-888H   Chimei     High Heat, High Impact Str.     electrical and electronic products (TV, Radio etc)      
Supreme 566   Supreme     FR V0 at 1.6mm, RoHS     TV housing, electrical, sheets