Brass is an alloy made of copper and zinc; the proportions of zinc and copper can be varied to create a range of brasses with varying properties.

Brass in rod form is available in round, square and hexagon shape. Other shapes can produce upon request.

Brass is also produce in coil, ingots and billet form.  Please contact us for details.

 Chemical Composition

Alloy No. Cu Pb Fe Sn Zn Al Mn Ni P
W3601 59.0~63.0 1.8~3.7 ≤0.30 (Fe+Sn)≤0.5 REM
W3602 59.0~63.0 1.8~3.7 ≤0.50 (Fe+Sn)≤1.2 REM
W3603 57.0~61.0 1.8~3.7 ≤0.35 (Fe+Sn)≤0.6 REM
W3604 57.0~61.0 1.8~3.7 ≤0.50 (Fe+Sn)≤1.2 REM
W3605 56.0~60.0 3.5~4.5 ≤0.50 (Fe+Sn)≤1.2 REM
W3712 58.0~62.0 0.25~1.2 (Fe+Sn)≤0.8 REM
W3771 57.0~61.0 1.0~2.5 (Fe+Sn)≤1.0 REM


Rods (round, square, hexagon and custom)

Grade Name * Alloy No. Applications
W3601-D W3601 Good for cutting process. Used in production of nuts and bolts, shafts, gears, valves, lighters/watches/clocks/cameras parts.
W3602-E W3602
W3602-D W3602
W3603-D W3603
W3604-E W3604
W3604-D W3604
W3605-E W3605
W3605-D W3605
W3712-E W3712 Good for forging process with heat.
Used for precision forging, mechanical parts.
W3712-D W3712
W3771-E W3771 Good for forging process with heat that requires machining. Used in production of valves and other mechanical parts.

-D : rod produced by drawing process
-E : rod produced by extrusion process

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