IonPure IZA

Grade: Ionpure IZA
Target Material: PC (polycarbonate)
Recommended dosage: 0.3~0.5%
Advantage : Polycarbonate remains transparent

IonPure is an inorganic anti-microbial plastic additives. It is made of soluble glass with anti-microbial metal (Ag) ions.

Advantages over organic anti-microbial additives:

– Safe
– Heat resistant


– Highly effective even at low concentration
– Keep transparency of resin for PC, PP, ABS, AS.
– Can be molded at high temperature, since heat resistance is more than 500 °C
– Retain high performance even after washing with warm water
– Safe to use (EPA, FDA, NSF, EFSA)

Lab Results:

E.Coli on ABS E.Coli Cells


E.Coli cells

24hrs later

Without anti-microbial 1.5 x 105 2.2 x 107
IonPure at 0.3% 1.5 x 105 5.7 x 103 99.97%
Other brand at 0.3% 1.5 x 105 1.3 x 107 40.9%

Performance on Various Resins:

Resin Anti-Microbial Effect Anti-Discoloration Transparency
PE Excellent Excellent Excellent
PP Excellent Excellent Excellent
ABS Excellent Excellent Excellent
PS Excellent Good Good
AS Excellent Good Excellent
PMMA Excellent Good Good
POM Good Good
PBT Good Good
PA6 Good Good
PA66 Good Good
PA12 Good Good
PC Good Good Good
PVC (non-rigid) Excellent Excellent Excellent
PVC (rigid) Excellent Good Good
Unsaturated polyester Good Good

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