Lusin Clean G320

Lusin Clean G320

Best for purging: PS, SAN, ABS, ASA, PTFE, PVDF, PMMA, POM, PA, PET, PBT

– Color change and removal of black spots
– Formulated for engineering grade polymers
– Technical parts processed up to (320°C)
– Custom injection molding of performance parts

Purge compounds are extremely important for modern thermoplastic processors. Carbon build-up in screw and barrel assemblies, as well as on die sets and tooling has a significant impact on processing efficiency, scrap rates, tool & die life and the length of change-over time and equipment maintenance. Purging compounds are usually a compound of polymers and additives. The polymer or polymer combination used within the compound is specific for addressing the particular raw material required to be purged.

Use when:

– transitioning from a dark color to a lighter color
– start-up production has flow marks or swirls from the previous material/color
– changing material with high temperature differences and/or melt flow
– processing a heat sensitive material at the wrong setting
– processing of different temperature polymers
– a damaged/worn screw having a dead zone area where material does not move through

Lusin's Difference

1. chemical action based (not conventional chemical based, not mechanical based)

2. do not damage screws, barrel and mold

3. can also run through downstream equipment (eg. hot runner) to remove contamination

4. purge compounds are safe to use throughout the entire machine, not just the barrel and screw

5. no need to change process, or machine settings

6. work effectively on a consistent basis, no need to keep utilizing an increasing amount of purge compound as time goes on. Conventional products become increasingly ineffective over time because they leave carbon contaminants behind.

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