Lusin Protect G32

Lusin Protect G31 is a wax-based protective agent available in a transparent version (G31) or a red version (G32), for
an easy recognition of the treated parts. Due to its special consistency and its high viscosity, the Lusin Protect
G31/G32 will not go thru the ejector pins. Other benefits include:

– Stable transparent or red film
– Film resistant to handling
– Lasting protection against corrosion
– Suitable for use as a release agent
– Long term protection

Lusin Protect G31/G32 protecting agent offers the ultimate protection to keep rust away from the products. Lusin
Protect G31/G32 can be applied directly to the mold after production if the temperature is not higher than 60°C/140°F.
It will keep the mold in a good state during the stoking program and can be used for overseas transportation in a
corrosive environment.

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