CSM230 (E Type)

CSM TG 230 x 1040 mm  (E Type)

Width: 1040 mm
Length: 125 m
Carton box dimension: 1100 x 275 x 275
Weight: 30 kg/ctn


Chopped Strand Mat is made of randomly yet evenly distributed strands (filament dia 12 μm) chopped into 50mm length. E-TYPE Chopped Strand Mat, strands are bonded with emulsion binder.



– Random-directional property. High affinity to thicker laminates at lower cost.

– Unified directional character of the mechanical property form the laminates.

– Higher content of resin. Better impregnation

– Excellent bonding

– Mats of non-continuous chopped strands have smaller damaged area of laminates upon impact

– Better surface finishing

– Excellent surface bonding efficiency. Working environment can be improved to low pollution
and better operation conditions for working people