Ensaco 250G

ENSACO carbon blacks are, quite close to furnace blacks as far as the reinforcing activity is concerned. Especially the low surface area carbon blacks, grades 150, 250 and 260, are, due to their very easy dispersion, quite performing in most rubber compounds.

Conductive application includes:
• belt cover compounds
• flooring
• conveyer belts
• hoses for fuel, for conveying of powders, etc.
• cylinder coating

ENSACO 150 and 250 are also used in non conducting applications where the compounder can take profit of the low surface area and high structure of those blacks:
• low hysteresis with relatively high hardness
• good thermal aging
• very good tear strength
• very good dispersion, very good mechanical performance at thin layer

Non-conductive application includes:
• antivibration systems
• textile coating
• membranes
• articles exposed to chipping and chunking
• shoe soles
• seals

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