GUR 5113

GUR 5113 is a injection moldable UHMW-PE material, that imparts these properties to the molded parts:

• Excellent abrasion-resistance (Low coefficient of friction)
• High energy absorption capacity at high stress rate
• Exceptionally high notched impact strength
• Very high chemical resistance to acids, alkalis and corrosive gases
• Outstanding sound-deadening properties
• Low density resulting in low cost per volume
• Highly resistant to environmental stress cracking
• Wide service temperature range from -200°C to 90°C
• FDA compliant

Chemical Properties
GUR UHMW-PE, like other polyethylenes, possesses very good resistance to aggressive media, with the exception of strong oxidizing acids. Aromatic and halogenated hydrocarbons (e. g. decahydronaphthalene) which dissolve lower molecular weight polyethylenes only cause partial swelling in GUR UHMW-PE.

Other applications segments:
Orthopedic implants

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