Milled Glass FIbre

Milled glass fiber reinforcements are 16 microns in diameter and milled to lengths ranging from 120 to 470 microns.  They are used in composites to increase mechanical properties such as tensile, flexural and impact strength.  They are also used to increase dimensional stability and minimize distortion at elevated temperatures.  Milled glass fibers are compatible with all thermoset and thermoplastics resins.  Surface treatments (cationic or silane) are available that may enhance performance.

Cationic surface treatment to accelerate wet out, improve dispersion, and overall processability.  Compatible with all thermoset and thermoplastic resins.

Silane surface treated fibers for improved bonding between the inorganic glass and the organic resin. Sizings are available for various resins such as polyesters, epoxies, phenolics, polyrethanes, PVC and others.