Noryl PPO640

PPO® is a registered trade mark for Polyphenylene oxide or Polyphenylene ether
produced by Sabic (formally GE Plastics). The polymer is prepared by the oxidative coupling reaction of 2,6- dimethylphenol with oxygen. PP640 is a fine white powder. In addition to PPO640, other PPO® grades are available with different molecular weight and intrinsic viscosity.


PPPO640 is an amorphous engineering thermoplastic polymer with high heat resistance, low specific gravity and excellent electrical properties. The polymer can be used in blends with other miscible polymers. PPO640 has good flame retardant properties and excellent hydrolytic stability. Suitable solvents are aromatic hydrocarbons such as toluene, xylene as well as halogenated aliphatic and aromatic organic compounds like chloroform, chlorobenzene etc.

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