Xantar SF-22

The Xantar polycarbonate portfolio comprises dedicated grades designed for the production of structural foam.  Essential in the processing of these materials using special injection molding is the presence of an inert gas in the polymer melt, which causes the melt to expand when injected into a mold or when extruded. The gas is created through decomposition at processing temperatures of a special chemical blowing agent which is mixed with the polymer.

The main effects of processing Xantar SF are:

  • Elimination of sink marks, especially thick parts between 4-8mm having ribs, bosses etc. can be made without sink marks
  • High flow lengths are possible through fast injection, making large parts possible
  • Substantial reduction of weight by reduction of density is possible (10-20%)
  • Substantial cost savings when replacing metal
  • Depending on the processing conditions, a ‘swirly’ surface is possible, which may have consequences for aesthetic applications

Xantar SF is currently available with various levels of reinforcement:

  • Xantar SF-22: PC using 5% reinforcement
  • Xantar SF-2220: PC using 20% reinforcement
  • Xantar SF-2230: PC using 30% reinforcement

Structural foams made from Xantar SF grades are further characterized by their excellent electrical and flammability characteristics, such as UL94 listed 5VA ratings.

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